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Morde today is the go-to brand for businesses that need chocolate. In any form. We produce chocolates, fillings, creams, compounds, cocoa products and decorations in addition to inclusions, chocopastes and even chocodips! These product categories have numerous applications in the HoReCa, bakery, ice-cream, QSR, home baking and confectionery sectors.
Essentially, we are your holistic, one-stop-shop for chocolate and its complimentary items.
Our cocoa is sourced with extreme care. We stringently procure it from the choicest of farms in Ghana, Ivory Coast, and India, ensuring unparalleled quality.
Our products are also manufactured in a highly automated plant, which also happens to be India’s largest throughput facility for B2B chocolates. It is a completely food safe environment, with inbuilt flexibility & agility that allows us to cater to a variety of customer needs. The plant is HACCP, FSSC 22000 & Halal certified.
We pay homage to our localized roots in Manchar, where we have, and continue to give 90% of all on-site employment to locals, enabling a circle of trust, responsibility and more importantly, mobility.
We promise you that you have consumed our delicious offerings – even if you don’t know it yet. The taste buds of every other Indian, young or old, have been graced by Morde Chocolate or Cocoa in some form or the other since every second baked product, confection, patisserie has the Morde signature ingredient.
Our legacy speaks for itself, where we continue to be the backbone of the FMCG industry in India for over 35 years with our chocolate being the preferred ingredient for individuals and companies alike.
We know that nothing can truly ever replace chocolate. That special chocolate moment is universal for all of life’s ups and downs, and when you feel that sensation of relaxation, indulgence, bliss or simply relief – we want it to be a Morde moment.


The Morde story is that of sheer passion: the passion for creating the perfect chocolate. What could be more delicious and ambitious?
Our story begins on an auspicious date: the 31st of December, 1983. With the turn of the new year, Mr. Chandrakant Morde firmly established the foundation of a company that would surpass all others in the B2B chocolate and cocoa production market.
What did he possess? Well, for one, there was his vast experience (of over 10 years) in the food technology domain, working with industry giants that were focused on cocoa and the creation of its numerous derivatives, like the all favorite chocolate. Combining that with a small investment, he began operating right from his home base: Manchar, which is a bustling town with ancient roots in Maharashtra.
We cannot dismiss the rest by calling it ‘history’. These are 38 long years that have witnessed nothing but perseverance, consistency and financial independence. Once upon a time, there were merely 3 products which have morphed into a full array of over 150 customized formulations that cater to a wide variety of applications.

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